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First Strawberries!


The strawberrries are one of our first garden successes this year.  I heartily recommend strawberries for growing with kiddos.  They are fairly low maintenance and not prone to bugs.  And who doesn’t love strawberries?  Plus, you plant them one year and they come back for several more.

I planted 3 strawberry plants last year.  They spent all their energy sending out runners (that’s how they make new strawberry plants) so they filled up the entire 8 feet by 4 feet raised bed. So, I didn’t get but a few actual berries last year.


A month or so ago, they were covered little white flowers. That bodes well for them to give us a real nice crop – and I haven’t done anything for them but sprinkle a little fertilizer!


Now, we’re just checking everyday for these babies to ripen! While these are hanging out for us to see, there’s plenty hidden under the leaves, which makes a very satisfying scavenger hunt for older kids (and grown-ups too)!