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Our Top 5 Backyard Playthings

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We are blessed with a great yard to play in (even if it is surrounded on 3 sides by an electric fence and cow fields).  There’s several big trees, and lots of open space for running around.  When we’re playing in our yard, these are our top 5 playthings.

p in the baby swing

1. Swings

We have a regular kid swing, a baby/toddler swing, and what we call the family swing – a bigger wooden one that we can all sit on.

2. Sidewalk Chalk

Chalk seems to hold endless appeal, even for P, who’s not yet 2.  We color a lot on the sidewalk, but there was one time C colored on the garage, and the car, and the trash cans…it washes right off.

catching the bubbles3. Bubbles

Honestly, I love bubbles too.  Especially on a day with a nice breeze, when I can watch them float over the trees.  C likes to run after them to pop them; P still waits until they are stuck in the grass and then goes and stomps on them.  We just buy a plain old bottle of bubbles at the Walmart, but I’m eager to try making giant bubbles, like these.

4. Sand table

sand table These days, what I love about the sand table is that the girls play with it with minimal supervision.  They’re at the right age to not try to eat or throw the sand.  We have some digging tools and a small pail but we also threw in a few smooth rocks from the creek and a couple plastic dinosaurs we got as party favors.  C always has some storyline going about a dino birthday or naptime or, you know, an avalanche (she doesn’t call it that).

c with a stick5. Rocks, sticks, and flowers

It’s no surprise that kids will bypass the toys and go straight to using their imaginations with what they find in their environment.  It’s the old cliché about playing with the box instead of the toy, right?  C is a very girly girl and she still doesn’t hesitate to collect sticks for swordplay or boat oars or just to poke stuff with.  P loves rocks. Somehow she handed me one during the middle of storytime at the library yesterday.  She just figured out pockets and now I have to be more careful to check them when I do the laundry.

p and the rocks

I’d love to hear from readers about your children’s favorite backyard playthings.  Do you love balls?  Your camera?  Your swimming pool?  Matchbox cars? Please leave a comment and let me know!


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I'm a mama, wife, Jesus-follower, crafter, nap-taker, and librarian. I believe in kids playing outside and that's what I write about here.

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