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Great Ideas: 5 Inspiring Mud Pie Kitchens

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It’s been raining here for days.  Days.  Our kitchen ceiling sprung a leak the other day.  Our yard is pretty much a big mud puddle.  Which got me thinking about making a mud pie kitchen.  Then my mom sent me a link to a sweet little outdoor play kitchen, so I looked for a few more ideas and found all these great ones!  Click on the pic to visit the sites for more details.

Pretty little outdoor kitchen from Parents Magazine.

This is a great one for multiple kids and a large yard.

Look at this beautiful herb salad! Garden Mama has lovely pictures and sweet details in her outdoor play kitchen.

This one is made from an old side table! So easy.

This one over at Owlet includes pots hanging on a fence to make a banging wall!


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I'm a mama, wife, Jesus-follower, crafter, nap-taker, and librarian. I believe in kids playing outside and that's what I write about here.

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