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#5 Set up a toy wash outside {52 outdoor activities}


{52 outdoor activities} is a series featuring a unique idea for each week of the year to inspire you and your kids to get outside for some fun.


We had some sadly dirty baby dolls around our house, so, inspired by this post at Simple Kids, we gave them a bath outside. When it’s hot, it’s the perfect time to do some water play. One of my children is rather…finicky about getting wet or dirty, but it was warm so she didn’t mind splashing a little out on the porch.


I’m seen some great ideas to set up bigger toy washing operations too, which we probably need to try out as well. Back in 2008, No Time for Flashcards suggested washing toy cars as a perfect outdoor activity for toddlers. Mummy Musings and Mayhem added shaving cream to ride-on car washing. And if you’ve got more money and time, this drive through kid bike wash sprinkler contraption featured at momfluential is pretty awesome.



Author: Mo

I'm a mama, wife, Jesus-follower, crafter, nap-taker, and librarian. I believe in kids playing outside and that's what I write about here.

3 thoughts on “#5 Set up a toy wash outside {52 outdoor activities}

  1. Great idea!

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  2. Great way to beat the heat this summer! My 4-year-old loves anything that has to do with playing with water.:)

  3. Painting things with water and a paintbrush is a lot of fun too. Kids can “paint” their toys, the house, or make pictures and letters on a pa ed driveway.

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