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#7 Go Berry Picking! {52 Outdoor Activities}

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{52 outdoor activities} is a series featuring a unique idea for each week of the year to inspire you and your kids to get outside for some fun.

C finds the good berries

If there’s anything I love more than good food, it’s good free food.  We’re blessed to live very near a large blueberry patch that is free for the picking, so you better believe I put the whole family to work picking us some berries.  C, in particular, is a fantastic berry picker.  The summer before she turned 3 she got it and started picking more ripe berries than the unripe purple-y pink-y ones and since then she’s just gotten better.

C reaches for the berries

P is not so great at the picking, so she mainly sat in the stroller and transferred the berries we put on the tray into her bucket.  Great for fine motor skills.

P puts berries in the bucket

There were a lot of ripe berries – we filled our two buckets very quickly.  There are lots that haven’t ripened yet either, so we’ll be going back soon.  To find an opportunity near you to pick your own fruit, check out http://pickyourown.org/.  It’s very satisfying to see a fruit in its natural environment, on a bush, in this case, and to put some effort into gathering it, and then to eat it.

More berries to come! Bucket 'O Berries

And, if you’re looking for a little bit of literature to accompany your berry picking, try out two books we enjoy especially during berry picking season – Blueberries for Sal by Robert McCloskey and Jamberry by Bruce Degen.


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I'm a mama, wife, Jesus-follower, crafter, nap-taker, and librarian. I believe in kids playing outside and that's what I write about here.

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