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#10 Paint your sidewalk {52 outdoor activities}

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{52 outdoor activities} is a series featuring a unique idea for each week of the year to inspire you and your kids to get outside for some fun.

C paints

Today was one of those days when we just needed something new to do.  I’d been thinking about an activity that would combine playing outside with art, so C and I mixed up some sidewalk chalk paint.  I got the recipe from Hammer and Thread.  Super easy – 2 Tbsp corn starch, 4 Tbsp (or 1/4 cup) water, and 6-8 drops food coloring.  We made blue, green, and pink.

C paints some more

It was really fun for all of us.  We had to stop to eat dinner, but we’re going to use up the rest of the paint tomorrow.  Don’t tell Dad, but we may paint some stuff besides the sidewalk…like the swingset, a tree, or the side of garage.

P paints

When we first started, I thought the paint was going to be too dull, but once it dries, it gets nicely bright and chalky.

a rose

C and I worked together on this rose – I did the stem and she did the flower.  This would also be really fun for a party – to paint sidewalks with images related to a theme or riddles or welcome messages for guests.



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I'm a mama, wife, Jesus-follower, crafter, nap-taker, and librarian. I believe in kids playing outside and that's what I write about here.

One thought on “#10 Paint your sidewalk {52 outdoor activities}

  1. Saw this recipe the other day and thought it looked like fun to try! Good going!

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