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#11 – Go flower picking {52 outdoor activities}

{52 outdoor activities} is a series featuring a unique idea for each week of the year to inspire you and your kids to get outside for some fun.clippersWhen I was visiting C’s classroom last week, I noticed the flower arranging tray and started thinking how much this would be  awesome activity for us at home.  So I gave her some clippers.

off to find moreAnd set her loose in the yard.  To find whatever flowers she liked.  She had to stop to examine all our vases and pick out which ones she would use.

the flowersSome of her selections.  We have a decent variety of flowers in our yard, but I guess you could also go flower picking in a more public area, if you were careful and considerate.

hydrangea bloom

Our hydrangea bushes are huge and full of blooms, so this one is in a vase on our kitchen table right now.

flower picking

First arrangement!  C took a lot of pride in finding locations around our house to display her blooms.  It would also be really nice to pick flowers and then share them with a neighbor.